Winter is here, and while that doesn't usually mean much snow in Washington State, it does mean lots of rain and colder temperatures. These conditions make specific demands on a vehicle, so as an owner, it's important to make sure that your car is set to perform safely in cold weather. 

When in doubt, it's best to bring your vehicle into the service department at Titus-Will Chevrolet so we can ensure you're driving in safe conditions. Give us a call to schedule an appointment at a time that's convenient for you. 

You should be getting oil changes for your car regularly. If it's been a little while, now is the perfect time to bring your car into Titus-Will Chevrolet for the service. We'd also recommend checking other fluids like antifreeze, brake fluid, and transmission fluid.


Cold weather can take an aging car battery and push it to its end. The low temperatures reduce the battery's cranking power, so if it's already having trouble you risk being stranded with a dead battery on a chilly winter morning. Bring your vehicle into Titus-Will Chevrolet now so our service team can assess the health of your car's battery. 

Winter is generally the season with the most precipitation in the Tacoma area. As such, it pays to check in on the condition of your car's wiper blades ahead of the colder months. If the blades appear to be cracked or visibly worn, or if they leave behind streaks or make skipping sounds when they're turned on, they need to be replaced. 

The condition of your car's tires directly influences both efficiency and traction. Having solid traction between the tires and the road is always important, but especially during the colder months when wet pavement can cause hazardous conditions. 

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